Been trying to add more pictures but keep getting error instead, ill keep trying to fix this and make it work, so for now no current updated photos have been added, i will as soon as the problem has been fixed.
Added all the starter coats finally, and now some new pelts, eye colours and the missing eye shape i needed. Im hoping to add plenty more pictures soon and with word of mouth about the site, it will be fully up to date in no time.
Just started the site, made all basic tabs and starting the long progress of uploading all traits so far, starting with the common and starters which may take some time but ill get there ^^
missing some starter triats within my own collection but ill look around to find them.
Once thats done, ill start on the traits only found through breeding, i have a few myself but ill ask in group for the ones i need, just have to get a head start on the site first lol.

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    Been with breedable since ozimal bunnies, tried a huge range of breedables and jobs within breedables. Currently breeding Imaginimals.


    September 2013